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So you’ve heard the importance of branding and brand recognition. You’ve been told that it’s one of the most important business aspects of your business. But, what exactly is branding? And wait – is branding the same thing as a brand? If you do a quick Google search on these questions, you’ll be sure to find a ton […]

  The key element to building trust with your prospective (and existing) clients is consistency. As in, consistency across all touch points: website, social media, email, product packaging, service guides, etc.   CONSISTENCY TRANSLATES TO DEPENDABILITY; DEPENDABILITY BUILDS TRUST.   Imagine you’re in the process of finding a photographer for your wedding (hey, congratulations!), and you finally […]

iPad and Apple Pencil with hand drawn branding elements for Petite Poppy Designs

Over the last year, Petite Poppy Designs has gone through some transformations. Not only in the products and services that I offer, but also in the overall brand aesthetic. I’ve been working for a while now on my brand refresh. And I’m so excited to finally share the behind the scenes of my brand design […]

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